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Blickfelder Festival


Reports about the festival from the perspective of students

K&K Mariella Königshofer & Theresa Künz / Schule Pfingstweid (CH)

The students of the Pfingstweid School attend performances, conduct interviews, let their minds drift, and, as reporters, provide insight into the festival events. They look at the Blickfelder Festival with a curious, inquisitive eye and take a critical stance.

Their reports can be seen, read, and heard on the festival's Instagram channel and in the BrutReport editorial office at Turbinenplatz.

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung


Pupils of the 5th/6th primary school class Pfingstweid:

Alma, Amélie, Anouk, Arik, Cem, Colin, Elliot, Eva, Gabrielius, Gemma, Giulian, Joyce, Kiana, Klara, Leo, Luan, Matti, Maxence, Nik, Seraphina, Silav, Vera, Zarah

Project management:

Mariella Königshofer, Theresa Künz