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Blickfelder Festival

Festival Day #2: Moment!

Zirkus Chnopf & Zirkusquartier (CH)

Experience the festival for a day! We invite five school classes to participate in various activities at the Blickfelder Festival for one day. Each day there will be a varied program around the festival center. Classes can sign up for a delicious lunch at our catering Chocherey or bring their own picnic.

Festival Center
5.75 Std



Meeting point Festival Center Turbinenplatz


Performance "Moment!" by Circus Chnopf, Turbinenplatz Festival Center: The engine stalls, smoke bellows from the bus, driving on is impossible. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere a group of people are stuck on their bus. What can they do? Return as quickly as possible to their daily routine or start anew in this unknown place? Here, the travelers are forced to deal with themselves. What comes next? The players of the piece "Moment!" jump, climb, juggle, make music, and play - and try to find out how we can deal with being at a standstill.


Lunch at the festival center at the Chocherey (by appointment, with tickets) or with a self-brought picnic. Free time at the festival center with various games.


A circus experience: Time to take the plunge! Immerse yourself in the world of the circus. Together with two artists, students take the stage and try out various circus disciplines. In cooperation with the Circus Quarter.


Eulalie Blanc, Jérémy Henchoz


2nd-3rd primary class


This festival day can only take place in dry weather.

Offer open to:

1 school class of the city of Zurich