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Blickfelder Festival

hOch 2

A musical performance project with voice and movement 

Miriam Sutter / Katrin Sauter / Schule Utogrund (CH)

The project week focuses on exploring and playfully expressing oneself through the body, voice, and everyday objects. What sounds, melodies, and beats can be created? How do movement and voice interact? What narratives emerge from this process?

Now the children present their musical performance hOch 2, interweaving themes and stories that emerged in the process.

Festival Center
20 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung


1st/2nd primary class Utogrund School:

Alex, Dorart, Emmylou, Filip, Lisa, Logan, Matilda, Maximilian, Mira, Natalia, Nils, Nordin, Paula, Pilar, Santiago, Sham

Project management:

Miriam Sutter, Katrin Sauter