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Blickfelder Festival


A puppet theater without words, about escape and homeland

El Patio Teatro (ES)

Life writes stories. Sometimes beautiful ones, sometimes sad ones. Even when they are about leaving, the stories themselves remain. "Hubo" is one of those stories. In it, a woman refuses to leave the place she calls home. It is her story and at the same time the story of many, who have said goodbye to their homes.

"Hubo" is a play without words. A declaration of love to our roots, to memory, and loneliness.

Theater Stadelhofen
45 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Without words
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Participatory art mediation programs:
After the performance, we will discuss the play with the puppeteers and reflect on our experiences in the audience. We tackle the topic of having to leave a beloved place behind and try out for ourselves how memories and stories of the past can be revived through objects.

theater pedagogue Mariella Königshofer

Dates of participatory art mediation programs:
Sat 11 June / 15:00
Sun 12 June / 12:00
Mon 13 June / 10:30
Tue 14 June / 10:30


Idea, Creation, Dramaturgy, Direction, Lighting and Interpretation:

Julián Sáenz-López and Izaskun Fernández

Original Music:

Elena Aranoa and Nacho Ugarte

Technician on tour and Graphic design:

Diego Solloa


El Patio Teatro


IKEBANAH Artes Escénicas


Clara Larrea