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Blickfelder Festival

Les moutons

A story without words, with people and animals

Corpus (CA)

Julie, Marie-Louise, Bernadette, and César are three healthy ewes and a young ram. They are sheared, fed, milked, and much more. Fenced in on the meadow, they make their sheep noises and spend most of their time eating. The day takes its course. The shepherd thinks he has everything under control. Until suddenly...

"Les moutons" (the sheep) is a careful study of sheep behavior with a humorous take on human-animal relations.

Festival Center
35 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Without words
Free admission
Deutsche Gebärdensprache (DGS)
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Mediation offer "The art of being a sheep":
Following "Les moutons", Marcel Hörler, cultural mediator and co-director of the Blickfelder Festival, will moderate a discussion between the performers and the audience: Is it dance, performance, or acting? Where are the boundaries between humans and animals? And why is body language the most expressive of all? The conversation will take place in English and will be translated into German Sign Language (DGS).

Date mediation offer:
Sat 18.06. / 16:45

Ahoi! Store Café

60 min 



Sylvie Bouchard, David Danzon


David Danzon, Robert Feetham, Matthew O'Connor, Nicola Pantin, Takako Segawa, Carla Soto


Gary Mulcahey