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Blickfelder Festival


A Film-Art Project & Mathilde Escher Schule (CH)

"Rolling!" is one of the most important announcements on every film set before the all-familiar "Action!".  It means: The camera is rolling, we are ready. Together with the students* of the Mathilde Escher School, explored this kinetic and cinematographic energy.

"We explore circular objects, round movements, and experiment with audiovisual forms of expression around the theme "O". With a lot of openness, we mix narrative and associative storytelling. "Roll It!" accompanies us as a joyful motto."

15 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung


Pupils* of the primary and secondary school of the Mathilde Escher Foundation:

Rishi, Noah, Mladen, Jon, Nic, Jannis, Bryan, Gabriela, Julian, Damian, Lia


Sira Topic, Liliane Ott, Mathis Hipp, Angela Kuhn, Kevin Walt, Simone Häberling

School team Mathilde Escher Foundation:

Nadja Nait, Caroline Brunnert, Veronica Zemann, Elisabeth Ernst, Janine Strebel, Aladin Frei