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Blickfelder Festival

The Giraffe and the Rainbow

A more inclusive reading

Johanna Maria Ott & Michèle Breu (CH)

"The Giraffe and the Rainbow" is a story about a giraffe who, despite all the daily commotion at the zoo, feels lonely. But what to do? She breaks out of the zoo and ends up in the desert. On her journey, she experiences an interesting confrontation, most of all with herself.

The story was written by Johanna Maria Ott, a writer with physical disabilities - by the way, with an on-screen keyboard that she controls with her eyes. The story can not only be heard but also experienced at Turbinenplatz.

„Schreiben ist wie Fliegen“ is the name of the book from which this story comes from. The book was published in November 2021 by Wörterseh - Verlag.

A cooperation between the association Leben wie du und ich and the Blickfelder Festival.

Festival Center
60 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission



Johanna Maria Ott


Johanna Maria Ott, Michèle Breu, Morten Weiland, Victor Witschi


Pascal Balbinot (Leben wie du und ich)