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Blickfelder Festival

And we dance like there is no tomorrow

DJ set with lots of bass, hi-hats and breaks

Chiri Moya (CH)

Chiri Moya is a fist-sized green fruit with bright, sweet flesh and hard, dark shiny seeds. Chiri Moya is also the DJ alias of artist* Maja Hürst.

Chiri Moya likes wild raves and when we lose ourselves on the dance floor. When we capsize the stage and dance up a storm. When we melt into the night to create a loud, fast mass with lots of bass, hi-hats, and breaks. Rowdy, sweaty, fuzzy, hard, exhausting, hot, and crackling.

Festival Center
120 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Without words
Free admission
keine Altersempfehlung



Chiri Moya