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Blickfelder Festival

Creative Connections

Online exchange in collaboration with ASSITEJ South Africa and Cradle ReWired

ASSITEJ Schweiz / ASSITEJ Südafrika / Cradle ReWired (CH/ZA)

This new format of ASSITEJ Switzerland connects the scene of theatre for young audiences with makers worldwide. ASSITEJ international links members from over 100 countries, with over 70 National Centres, plus networks and individual members. We want to use the network to facilitate exchange formats that reveal insights and outlooks, focal points and challenges, to create new connections, and opening up practical fields of learning in the worldwide framework of theatre for young audiences.

We start with a window into Nigeria and South Africa with two colleagues who are members of the ETC (Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International) and Annette Rommel and Roger Nydegger from Switzerland. All those who would like to know what kind of work is done in these countries, are cordially invited to participate.

The exchange will take place in English, if you want to join, please send an Email to until June 9th. The zoom link will be sent one day before the meeting.

120 Min
keine Altersempfehlung



Welcome Video by Yvette Hardie, Director ASSITEJ South Africa, Honorary President ASSITEJ, International Association for Theatre for Children and Young People.


Welcome and introduction of the speakers Pamela Udoka, Nigeria, Selloane (Lalu) Mokuku, South Africa and Annette Rommel, former president of ASSITEJ Switzerland and Roger Nydegger, theater maker from Switzerland with wide experience in theatre-cooperation’s in West Africa and Switzerland. Moderation ASSITEJ Switzerland.


Input Pamela, TYA in Nigeria


Input Selloane, TYA in South Africa


Input Annette, TYA in Switzerland


Introduction Roger and talk with the speakers focusing on learning sites




Open discussion with all participants


Acknowledgement and look out


End of session, informal exchange until max. 13:00

Pamela Udoka – Vice President ASSITEJ International and President ASSITEJ Nigeria
Pamela has multi-disciplinary competencies: A Clinical Psychologist and Theatre Artiste. She is the Artistic Director, Children’s Arts Development Initiative, Lead Therapist Family Wellness Therapy Centre. Theatre Administrator, Festival Producer, Pioneer Coordinator, Children’s Theatre Workshop, and presently Director, Production and Technical Services,  and Coordinator, Children’s Creative Station of the National Troupe of Nigeria. She has been in children’s theatre practice since 1992.

Selloane (Lalu) Mokuku – Chairperson of ASSITEJ South Africa and ETC board member ASSITEJ international
Lalu is an experienced theatre maker, storyteller, academic, writer and performer. She has worked with and for young people internationally, through organisations such as UNICEF and Save the children. Currently she facilitates teaching and learning at Rhodes University’s Drama department, focusing on theatre for social transformation. Her research interests are in applied drama and theatre and translanguaging.

Annette Rommel
Has been working in children's and youth theatre for almost 25 years and knows the scene from her work at Rote Fabrik Zurich (1998-99), Vorstadttheater Basel (1999 - 2013), as president of ASTEJ CH (2006 - 2014) and today as organiser of the Augenauf Festival in Winterthur. "Professional theatre for a young audience is challenging. This is where new social and often aesthetic developments are first reflected; nowhere is the audience as diverse as in school performances, and the demands on storytelling are correspondingly complex. That keeps you awake and interesting!"

Roger Nydegger is a trained movement actor and theatre pedagogue and has been working as an actor, theatre educator and director with various troupes in the independent dance and theatre scene in Switzerland since 1986. With his company Kuckuck-Produktion he initiates interdisciplinary, socio-cultural and artistic productions at home and abroad. One focus of his work is in sub-Saharan West Africa, where he has been realising projects with various local partners for over 20 years. Further information at