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Blickfelder Festival

Festival Day #3: Vier Viertel & Kugelstrudel Building

Kollektiv HIATUS & OFFCUT Zürich

Experience the festival for one day! We invite five school classes to participate in various activities at the Blickfelder Festival for one day. Each day there will be a varied program around the festival center. Classes can sign up for a delicious lunch at our catering Chocherey or bring their own picnic.

Festival Center
5.75 Std



Meeting point Festival Center Turbinenplatz


Audio-Video-Walk "VIER VIERTEL" by the collective HIATUS: A tablet in your hands, and action! You see Nico looking for something - what is it? You follow him on his path and at the next station, you discover Stefanie's home. She's writing in her diary and you listen to her through the headphones. Two streets down, you discover something strange with Bianca. Then, standing on the bridge, looking out, you see the city and its inhabitants through Auri's eyes. You hear music that only children can hear and understand.

These four children give us insight into their thoughts, wishes, and desires. And you accompany them, step by step, into a parallel world, behind the visible. Throughout this city walk, each of the four children forges a bond with something that others cannot otherwise perceive.

In the past months, the HIATUS production team has become artistic accomplices of Auris, Bianca, Nicodème, and Stefanie. Eagerly, all of them are now looking forward to curious eyes, ears, and feet.

In cooperation with Theater PurPur.


Lunch at the festival center at the Chocherey (by appointment, with tickets) or with a self-brought picnic. Free time at the festival center with various games.


Kugelstrudel-Building: This participatory installation at the festival's center invites young and old to build a network of ball tracks with a creative array of recycled materials. Various tracks run next to each other, sometimes connecting, sometimes simply ending on the square. The scenography team of OFFCUT Zurich oversees this project, offering ideas, work materials, and support for the attendees. By playfully addressing themes of sustainability and resource conservation through the creative use of residual materials, a social sculpture is created during the festival. Large, colorful, and full of sounds.

In Cooperation with OFFCUT Zürich


4th/5th primary class

Offer open to:

1 school class Canton Zurich