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Blickfelder Festival


A museum of people, things and stories

Habib Afsar / Alice Cantaluppi / Gesamtschule Unterstrass (PK/CH)

The "MiniMuseumMe" is a museum of things and the stories of their owners. Like the recipe book with the recipe for the world's best cake from grandma, the favorite mug, the photo from the old country, or the shells from the beach vacation - who doesn't know them, these things that have a fixed place in our family's history or in everyday life and are entwined in our personal stories.

The selection of objects and the writing about one's own history takes place in a participatory process with students of the school Unterstrass.

As a post-migrant society, Switzerland lives from the diversity of its communities - the "MiniMeMuseum" wants to value and celebrate this diversity.

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung

Events MiniMuseumMe:


Sat 11.06.

14-16 h: Pupils of the Gesamtschule Unterstrass are hosts in their exhibition.

Sun 12.06.

15-16 h: Special guest Mara Züst delves into the stories of the objects in the exhibition with those present.

Wed 15.06.

14 - 17 h: 'Sounding of the stories': Open story workshop with Habib Afsar, Alice Cantaluppi and special guest Stini Arn. Together with Stini Arn's sound case, we will search for the sound of our own narrative.

Sat 18.06.

14-17 h: 'Celebrate yourself, celebrate diversity': Open mask studio with Chloé Felix. Think yourself in colors and celebrate your extraordinary unique powers and abilities.

Sun 19.06.

14-16 h: Paper Practicum: Ingo Giezendanner (aka GRRRR) folds and cuts, binds, and glues paper with you for two hours: boxes, figures, folding cards, booklets of a different kind.

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Pupils of School Unterstrass:

Aaron H., Aaron S., Ada, Aeneas, Alain, Alessandra, Alva, Alvin, Anna, Anton, Aron, Ayla, Bruno, Carlotta P., Carlotta E., Charlotte, Clà, Clara, Clio, Colette, Darius, Deliah, Devon, Elia, Elliot, Emil Ka., Emil Ko., Emilian, Emilio, Emma Ha., Emma Ho., Fabrice, Fanny, Felicitas, Filippa, Fiona, Flora, Florian, Gina, Giulia, Guy, Henri, Henry, Helena, Ianna, Ima, Janis Hä., Janis Han., Jeremy, Joel, Joris, Juna, Lila, Lilo, Lina, Lino K., Lino M., Lionel, Lisa, Loïc, Loïs, Louis, Luan, Luc, Marilou, Mathilda, Maude, Max L., Max S., Mia, Moritz, Niklas, Nimo, Noah, Nora, Nuria, Oskar, Puma, Quentin, Raphael, Rebecca, Renée, Samira, Saphira, Sara, Sarina, Severin, Simon, Sirana, Sofia, Stella, Tejo, Thea, Timea, Tomma, Valentin, Vasco, Vincent, Yuma

Special Guests:

Stini Arn, Chloé Felix, Ingo Giezendanner, Mara Züst

Project management:

Habib Afsar, Alice Cantaluppi