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Blickfelder Festival


An open-air production for the whole family

Zirkus Chnopf (CH)

The engine stalls, smoke begins to bellow out of the bus, and there is no way to continue the journey. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere a group of people are stuck with their bus. What can they do?

In this artificial moment of pausing, people get to know each other, connect with, and rebel against each other. Some want to return to their daily routines as quickly as possible, others want to start anew in this unfamiliar place.
Climbing, juggling, making music and dancing, the figures reflect on themselves and try to figure out how we can deal with standstills.

Circus Chnopf presents with "Moment!" their Zurich premiere of their 2022 tour.

Festival Center
70 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Without words
Free admission
Passing the hat



Benjamin Koch, Carina Klingsell, Demian Bucci, Finn Waltersmann, Jaël Kaufmann, Leandra Winteler, Moritz Bürge, Noa Brodbeck, Sarah Lüder, Sibill Urweider, Tobias Kämpfer

Directed by:

Jonas Junker

Artistic Lead:

Sarah Behrle

Musical Lead:

Benedikt Utzinger


 Andreas Bächli


Linda Rothenbühler

Lead-Team Zirkus Chnopf:

Konrad Utzinger, Polina Petushkova, Sibill Urweider