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Blickfelder Festival


Run along, run away - down the middle

Priscilla Röck / Christine Faissler / Corina Arbenz / Manuela Runge / SEK3 – Oberstufe für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige / Schule Hans Asper (CH)

Full speed ahead, into life! With chocolate, couches, and anime figures and in all directions simultaneously - will we manage to take off?  Beware of tripping! It is recommended: Shortly after tripping, don't fall on your face and collapse laughing!

In the project "mOvemente" about 40 hearing and deaf students come into an artistic exchange. Together they discover the language of dance and theater and create a performance about self-determination and community.

Festival Center
30 Min
German and German Sign Language
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung