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Blickfelder Festival

Poetry meets film

The theme of friendship is captured through images, texts, and sounds and then released as a poetry clip

Florine Leoni / Eva Seck / Sekundarschule Hatzenbühl Nürensdorf (CH)

Based on questions around the topic of friendship, the students of the secondary school Hatzenbühl in Nürensdorf dive into a creative process together with the author Eva Seck and the visual artist and director Florine Leoni. They experiment with image and sound, try out language, and research different elements of music. The adolescents develop a storyboard and look for suitable locations for filming.

The poetry clips that were created in five workshop days will be shown at the Blickfelder Festival.

30 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung


Students of the classes AB2a and AB2b:

Aifar, Aline, Anouk, Aron, Diego, Elena, Ella, Eric, Fabio, Fiona, Lars, Laura, Lauren, Leart, Lena, Lena, Lukas, Rafael, Tim, Veera, Yara, Aline, Angelo, Ava, Gabriel, Gabriela, Janiett, Joana, Larissa, Lea, Leon, Louis, Lynn, Melanie, Mustafa, Nils, Nils, Noël, Sarina, Sebastian

Project management:

Florine Leoni, Eva Seck

With great support of the teachers of the Sek Nürensdorf:

Lenny Schmid, Nadia D'Alessandro, Nathalie Mamie 

Film still:

Stefan Tschumi