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Blickfelder Festival


A Dancetheater about aging - for all generations

BRONKS & Tuning People (BE)

Rita is a drama queen. She loves the opera. She escapes there to avoid thinking about her everyday life and the fact that she is getting older and more forgetful. Little by little, her mind seems to be a labyrinth in which the line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurred. At Rita's side lives her caretaker. While Rita becomes more and more content in her new world, he tries - sometimes lovingly, sometimes desperately - to keep up Rita's daily routine.

One moment hilarious, then suddenly tender and whimsical, the great performers show how to make something extraordinary out of the mundane. A play about aging and how encounters at eye level can be preserved. 

Tanzhaus Zürich
70 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Participatory art mediation programs:
Following "Rita", Guillaume Guilherme, dance mediator at the Tanzhaus Zürich, leads an exchange among the young and the old audience, as well as two invited senior citizens: What connects children with old people? How do they encounter each other when one person is at the beginning and one at the end of life? How do people look at each other at the beginning of life and closer to death? Are people over 65 more nostalgic or more curious? Maybe the seniors, like Rita, will surprise us!

dance facilitator Guillaume Guilherme

Dates of participatory art mediation programs::
Fri 17 June / 11:15
Sat 18 Jun / 17:15

60 min


Created by:

Randi De Vlieghe, Jef Van Gestel


Randi De Vlieghe, Tomas Pevenage

Sound & set design:

Wannes Deneer

Lighting design:

Thomas Clause


Jo Thielemans, Marlies Jacques & Bram Waelkens

Costume design:

Maartje Van Bourgognie


Tuning People & BRONKS


Sofie De Backere