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Blickfelder Festival

Traveling kiosk

Kulturagent*innen Schweiz (CH)

A kiosk shortens the waiting time before an upcoming meeting, the headlines of newspapers and magazines provide an overview of world events, and first-hand information about the neighborhood is available here. Kiosk operators are casual story collectors, neighborhood seismographs, and public educators, who arrange their workspace in a discreet and orderly way so that people from the most diverse walks of life can meet. "I would never move to a city that doesn't have a kiosk"[1]  Blickfelder Festival also has its kiosk.

A mobile wooden suitcase, that can be turned into a pavilion in a few easy steps, gives insight into the project "Kulturagent*innen Schweiz für kreative Schulen" (Cultural Agents Switzerland for Creative Schools). The Kiosk offers a library with selected titles, student-made products, games, as well as film contributions that show the wide variety of activities at the schools. The cultural agents of the Canton of Zurich, Laura Zachmann, Mariano Gaich, and Tom Heinzer, are looking forward to their role as hosts on the festival grounds and to visiting, exchanging ideas, and talking to many interested people!

The kiosk is only open under dry weather conditions.

[1] "Kiosk" by Sabine Werz, 2000, Ehrenwirth Publishing House

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
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Laura Zachmann, Mariano Gaich and Tom Heinzer (Kulturagent*innen Canton Zurich)