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Blickfelder Festival

Ballon Bandit

A friend for life?

Inti Théâtre (BE)

Tom is alone. His world: a record player, speakers, and some records. Suddenly, a balloon appears. A yellow, floating balloon. Tom talks to the balloon and begins to play and dance with it. By and by he feels less alone in his world. Tom fascinates, touches, and enchants the audience so skillfully that by the end everyone wishes they could trade place with the yellow balloon.

Almost entirely without words, Balloon Bandit tells the story of how the world can open up when we find a friend.

GZ Buchegg
35 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Participatory art mediation programs:
Each child is given a balloon. In addition, pens, strings, adhesive tapes, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, and other craft materials. After the performance of "Balloon Bandit", we will have various supplies from the GZ Buchegg at our disposal to make our own "friend for life". Based on the questions raised by the production, we will discuss the children's meaning of friendship. Have you ever lost a friend? Do you have friendships that are far away? What do you do with your best friend? How do you talk to each other?

theater pedagogue Frederike Dengler & art mediator Anna Renold

Dates of participatory art mediation programs:
Mon 13 June / 10:15 h
Tue 14 June / 10:15 h

45 min


Creation and interpretation:

Pierre-Paul Constant

Stage Director:

Didier Poiteaux

Assistant Stage Director:

Céline Dumont

Choreographic accompaniment:

Dominique Duszynski

Set design:

Marilyne Grimmer


Perrine Langlais

Sound design:

Thomas Turine

Lighting design:

Loïc Scuttenaire


David Bowie

Stage Manager:

Léopold De Neve alternating with Gaspard Samyn and Julien Vernay


Pomme Vivane


Anne Hautem - Mademoiselle Jeanne


INTI Théâtre


Centre Culturel de Verviers, Pierre de Lune Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics de Bruxelles and the Coop asbl.

With the help of:

Service du Théâtre de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, and the support of Shelterprod,, ING and the Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government.

In partnership with:

Théâtre de la Montagne Magique, EKLA pour tous, Théâtre Mercelis, Centre culturel Bruegel, Centre culturel Wolubilis, Centre Culturel de Chênée, La Roseraie, Le Théâtre des 4 mains, Espace de danse A petit pas de Mytilène/ Grèce


Ryszard Karcz