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Blickfelder Festival

Geh nicht in den Wald, im Wald ist der Wald

A piece about what we call discrimination

Tabea Martin (CH)

I feel my body slowly freezing. I’m excluded, don't belong, hear prejudices. Why are the others preferred? Why am I treated differently? Is it because I don't look and speak like most of the people around me? And where has this rock in my stomach come from?!

The dance-theater piece "Geh nicht in den Wald, im Wald ist der Wald" (Don't go into the forest, the forest is in the forest) deals with the topic of discrimination. With movement and language, the ensemble shows how difficult it is to talk about exclusion. What is "just" fun and games for some is a die-hard reality for others. However, it ultimately affects each of us.

Tanzhaus Zürich
65 Min
German/English (French/Cantonese)
Wheelchair accessible
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Participatory art mediation programs:
Following the performance, students can explore themes of the play in a workshop by dancing, playing and letting their imaginations run free. What does exclusion feel like and why does it only affect some people? Is there a right way and I wrong way to move? - does a norm even exist? Following a body warm up, atendees will dance out phrases from the play, discuss its themes and practice creativity and improvisation.

Workshop leader:
Dominique Cardito, dance pedagogue and dancer / Benjamin Lindh Medin, dance pedagogue and dancer / Laetitia Kohler, dancer and dance pedagogue

Follow-up discussion: Guillaume Guilherme, dance mediator Tanzhaus Zürich

Dates of participatory art mediation programs::
Fri 10 June / 10:45
Mon 13 June / 10:45

Follow-up discussion:
Guillaume Guilherme, dance mediator Tanzhaus Zürich

60 min



Tabea Martin


Léa Vinette, Georges Hann, Calvin Ngan, Stanley Ollivier


Donath Weyeneth


Yasmin Attar


Veronika Mutalova

Stagedesign- and Costume assistance:

Myriam Müller


Simon Lichtenberger


Moos van den Broek

Choreographic assistance and mediation:

Dominique Cardito

Outside eye:

Sebastian Nübling


Franziska Ruoss


Helen Ree