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Blickfelder Festival

Not all parents are penguins

Two mothers - one family model

Cie Pierre Caillou (CH)

Billie and Joe are penguins. Happy penguins at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Like all penguins, Billie and Joe like to slide on blocks of ice, go fishing, and practice magic tricks. Like all penguins, the two tickle, smooch and cuddle in the spring during mating season. But Billie and Joe are the only penguins who have never laid an egg. On one of their walks through Central Park, they find an egg-shaped ball. They begin to hatch it.

"Not all parents are penguins" is a love story about being a parent, that questions what family can be.

The play was funded as part of the kicks! Festival grant "Neue Gruppen für ein junges Publikum" (New groups for young audiences). For the 2022 festival edition, the Blickfelder Festival is collaborating with the kicks! Festival. 

GZ Buchegg
40 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Internationales Theater-/Tanzprogramm

Participatory art mediation programs:
Father, mother, child. Or two children. Sometimes a dog. And sometimes, but much less often than the dog, grandma is in the house too. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it? But what about having it be: Mother, mother, child? Or: mother, father, father, child? Or: Dad, daddy, child? Or: mother, mother, father, father, child, and a family friend?

Following the performance of "Not all parents are penguins", we playfully examine which family models we know and which ones we would like to try out. Outside the GZ Buchegg, we sit on big blankets and sort family members, exchange rituals and maybe even well-kept family secrets, take family photos - simply in constellations that we find good and that seem forward-looking to us.

theater pedagogue Frederike Dengler & art mediator Anna Siradakis

Dates of participatory art mediation programs:
Wed 15 June / 10:30 & 16:00
Thu 16 June / 10:30
Sun 19 June / 12:00 

45 min


Director & author:

Aude Bourrier

Assistant director:

Charlotte Riondel

Dramaturgy & German translation:

Cléa Eden


Wave Bonardi, Alexandra Marcos, Julia Portier

Stage design:

Vanessa Vincente

Costume design:

Gloria Chappuis

Sound design:

Donatien Roustant

Light design:

Leo Garcia

Production and administration:

Christophe Delesques


Kat Berger