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Blickfelder Festival


Feigenwinter&Cavelti / Leonie Kopineck & Leonie Lerch / Paula Lynn Breuer & Carolin Bodensteiner / Karlotta Mix / ZHdK (CH)

O! O for One of a Kind!
O! O as in Oh-whats-that?
O! O as in over and under.
O! O as in on-air!

Ready, Set, Go! Close your eyes and open your ears. Grab a pair of headphones and plunge into the fun and discover new worlds - what is the wind whispering in your ears? What do the blades of grass or the sidewalks tell you? What do the clouds murmur? What does Turbinenplatz reveal to you, and what do the mysterious tracks under your feet disclose? Students of the ZhdK invite you to go on four exciting journeys with stories they have invented for you and turned into audio plays. Have fun! 

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission

Audio plays:

Pippi & Annika: The best pirate gang in the world
The story of the mean guy and the hungry shark by Feigenwinter&Cavelti

Best friends Pippi and Annika go on lots of exciting adventures together. Today they spent the whole day on their pirate ship. Now they're lying in their favorite meadow, surrounded by flowers, basking in the last rays of the sun and enjoying a cool lemonade. As for us, we're listening to their conversations. What happened today on the open sea? Is lying sometimes allowed? Do pirates always have to be brave? Can you practice bravery? And what do sharks eat for breakfast?

12 min / German / 5-9 years

Narrators: Sophie Eglin & Lucia Gränicher
Text, direction, music: Madleina Cavelti & Meret Feigenwinter
Sound and technology: Salomon Baumgartner


Radio play by Leonie Kopineck and Leonie Lerch

"A moment ago we could hear birds chirping or the ringing of a bicycle bell. We could hear a car honking its horn or a motorcycle's engine howling loudly. We could hear a sparrow fluttering its wings rapidly or the leaves of a tree rustling in the wind. We may have heard people talking far away. What they said we couldn't understand, we only heard the low murmurs of their voices. And now? Now, again, we can hear a murmur that's slowly growing louder among the sparkling, the splashing, the hissing, the ringing... it's the murmur of a small being, only as big as the little toe of a blue whale. And it’s coming closer, this little creature."

14 min / German / 5+

With Anouk Barakat and Anna Präg
Text and direction: Leonie Kopineck and Leonie Lerch
Sound and technology: Salomon Baumgartner


Windswept stories by Paula Lynn Breuer and Carolin Bodensteiner

You might not see it, but you can feel it. You hear it, and know when it's there. It makes itself noticeable. Sometimes tender, hardly noticeable, sometimes wild, and unpredictable. Sometimes refreshing, sometimes frightening. But always indispensable. Without it, the world would stand still.

In this radio play WIND is the protagonist. WIND carries stories of different creatures and things, bringing us closer to non-human forms of existence and connections. The fictional stories are also educational and through the narratives also convey facts and explanations about the weather and natural phenomena in the context of human activity.

15 min / German / 4-12 years

Narrators: Wind - Kaira Edward pebble, plastic bag, music, bird, seed, pinwheel, waves - Martha Benedict
Text and direction: Paula Lynn Breuer Carolin Bodensteiner
Sound and technology: Salomon Baumgartner
Mentorship scenography: Fabian Jaggi, Klara Mand


The grumbling of the polar star
(or Who stole the snow?) by Karlotta Mix & Sophie Schmid

A little snowbird makes itself comfortable in your ear and tells you the story of a polar bear who has been robbed of snow and ice. In a landscape impacted by climate change, the polar bear has to find its way anew. On her travels, she meets other animals, asks them questions about the unfamiliar environment around her, and talks about her changed everyday life without her once familiar home.

14 min / German / 4+

Snowbird / Polar Bear / Music / Lyrics: Karlotta Mix
A group of penguins: David Gottlieb
Smacking snow rabbit: Leonie Lerch
Direction: Sophie Schmid & Karlotta Mix
Editing/Mixing: Sophie Schmid, Karlotta Mix, Salomon Baumgartner
Sound/Technology: Salomon Baumgartner



Carolin Bodensteiner, Paula Lynn Breuer, Madleina Cavelti, Meret Feigenwinter, Leonie Kopineck, Leonie Clara Lerch, Karlotta Mix, Sophie Schmid


Erik Altorfer

Scenography Mentorship:

Fabian Jaggi, Klara Mand

Sound and Technology:

Salomon Baumgartner


Sophie Schmid