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Blickfelder Festival

There is no Family B

Interactive performance with the Blickfelder audience

Kompanie Kopfstand KoKo / Schule Borrweg (DE/CH)

In a project week, the 5th grade of the Borrweg School in Zurich intensively dealt with the topic of "family". What do intergenerational communities need to live well together? What must be given, and what is negotiable? What do we want? And what do we demand from politics?

The students will present their "New Family Law Convention" to the public at the Blickfelder festival. Come to Turbinenplatz, exchange ideas, and get advice from the young family experts,  or expand the "New Family Law Convention" with your own concerns and ideas.

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
Projekte mit Schulklassen
keine Altersempfehlung


Pupils 5th primary class Borrweg School:

Lucien, Valentin, Gian, Ava, Lana, Lisa, Fateh, Yasmine, Eliana, Nina, Naël, Emilie, Linus, Ta-Seen, Fabrizio, Kabinas

Teacher 5th primary class Borrweg School:

Muriel Plank

Project management:

Annina Giordano-Roth, Julia Bihl or Charlotte Baumgart (Kompanie Kopfstand KoKo)


Silvan Kuhl (OFFCUT Zurich)


Annina Giordano-Roth