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Blickfelder Festival

Züri Crossplay

Antonio Semeraro / Frau Rot & Frau Blau / Roberta Ceginskaite (AT/CH/IRL)

Crossing, questioning and appropriating Zurich? “Züri Crossplay” is a process-oriented platform for ideas in progress and in public space of the city of Zurich. Selected people who have applied through an open call can develop and test their ideas during the festival. Thereby there is the possibility for further development and realization of the ideas for the next festival edition. Topics such as accessibility for, or the perspectives of children and young people, as well as public space, are to be significantly incorporated into the development of ideas.

"Züri Crossplay" 2022 consists of Antonio Semeraro, Roberta Ceginskaite and Frau Rot & Frau Blau (Michèle Wächter und Isabel Vogel).

What does Crossplay mean? Crossplay is a gaming term that stands for cross-platform gaming. It is called “crossplay” if players play the same game on different consoles.

Festival Center
Wheelchair accessible
Free admission
keine Altersempfehlung


Antonio Semeraro

As a multimedia artist he draws his inspiration from different areas of experience. In his work as a set designer he focuses on composition and colour. As a trained carpenter and former rehearsal stage coordinator at Volkstheater Wien he combines technical feasibility with artistic components of the fine arts. His main focus is on a conceptual approach. In his work there is a clear statement of the artist to questions that arise within the viewer about current and partly timeless themes. Antonio Semeraro's subject area includes social justice, gender equality and elimination of prejudices.

Frau Rot & Frau Blau

The artist duo Frau Rot & Frau Blau was founded in 2016 by Michèle Wächter and Isabel Vogel in Zurich. They see themselves both as mediators and researchers in the fields of art and performance. Frau Blau (Isabel Vogel) is a visual artist and scenographer based in Zurich. Frau Rot (Michèle Wächter) is a performing artist in the field of theatre and performance in Bern.

Roberta Ceginskaite

Born in Lithuania, raised in Ireland, trained in The Netherlands. A recent graduate, ready to bloom in the field of art. As a dance artist, she loves to collaborate with artists of other disciplines (let's chat?). Fascinated by many ideas, working all over the place- she lives wherever she is.

Antonio Semeraro
Frau Rot & Frau Blau
Roberta Ceginskaite
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Laurin Bleiker, Antonio Semeraro, Roberta Ceginskaite